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Needed another outlet…

So… what was the flaw with WiresAndBlinkingLights?  Well, nothing in theory.  Consumed by work I decided to create a blog that let me rant about the industry.  Kinda fun, eh?  Oh wait, all you do is work anyway.  Do you really think that spending even more of your free time thinking about work?  Hmm??


Last year I would work 14-16 hour days in the field or in the office.  When I wasn’t at the office I would be at home…working, researching, programming, designing…  Slowly I forced myself to work less and less.  I got down to about 9 hours a day, but would still spend all my waking energy thinking about whatever it was I had done all day.  Not much better… less hours on my paycheck, too.

Now I’m working just over 8 hours and coming home and actively not working.  I’ll even drive home with the intention of looking something up, or doing some more brainstorming, or whatever.  It never happens.  I might open up a file, but I invariably end up drifting off and doing something else.

So… the old blog?  The only times I’ve even thought about it recently have been when I wanted to post something completely unrelated to work.  Since I didn’t want that blog to be “scatterbrained” I would just post nothing.  Hence the lack of updates.

So hopefully this will be a place for me to dump whatever’s in my little brain.  Work stuff or… umm… whatever else it is I’m supposed to be doing besides work… 🙂

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