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too much coffee, too little inspiration

I’ve gotten in the habit of drinking two large “K-cups” of coffee at the office practically every day. I don’t usually notice how awake it keeps me because my wife’s work schedule gets her home at 11:45pm. Being up until she gets home isn’t a big deal, even if normally I would have been in bed for at least an hour at that point.

Since my sister passed away this January I’ve reopened my eyes to some of the more “eastern” cultures and traditions. She seemed to do only things that she loved, and only had possessions that were either essential or inspirational. As we packed up her apartment we noticed that everything was either a bare essential (a horribly cheap, burnt, and dinged saucepan) or something she absolutely loved (a single really nice Calphalon 10″ skillet). I was thoroughly impressed with this lifestyle and have been trying to rediscover meditation for myself.

I just sat down with a guided meditation mp3 that I’ve used about 2 times so far and could NOT sit still or concentrate (or not concentrate, I should say). It was bad. I was meditating and checking my email on my phone. Ridiculous. I gave up after about 5 minutes.

So the whole point of this post was to talk about TED (not The Energy Detective…). I’m feeling severely lacking in the inspiration department and after the meditation fiasco quickly jumped online to search for something worth reading.  I’ve seen some very deep, profound, and inspirational things on TED.   I’ve also seen things that were quite silly but still made you think.

Just thought I’d post a link.  This site is definitely worth perusing for a few hours or days.  You can find something in pretty much any field.  Very much recommended.


here is a great one.  Synthetic Happiness vs. Natural Happiness

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  1. May 3, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    I love TED. there homepage is awesome. There are some excellent videos there. Thanks for the revisit to the video and the site. I have tried meditation in the past and have failed. I wish I had more discipline.

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